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    Price just £10 per month


    Unlimited monthly reviews


    • Increase sales through genuine customer feedback.
    • Be proud to show potential customers just how good your service is.
    • Promote confidence and trust in your products and service.
    • Enhance your search engine listings (reviews may be included in Google Seller Ratings).
    • Free 24 hour support.

    This is what the "review box widget" looks like

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What better way to help potential customers place orders than to let them see the comments and reviews of previous, satisfied customers.

The website was a pleasure to use. after placing my order online I did have some follow up questions, the staff I spoke to were both courteious and helpful and all my questions were answered. the products arrived as expected and were just what I wanted.

  • How it works

    The ordering / review process proceeds as follows :-

    Your customer places an order

    After a set period of days (which you decide) they are sent an invitation email from us to visit the consumer view website to review and rate the service they have received from you regarding that order.
    By sending the review invitation after this time any customer service issues can be resolved still allowing the customer to give you a good review.

    Their review is added to your page and the review box widget on your website is automatically updated.

    Once you have registered, you will be shown a small piece of code which inserts the "review box widget" into to your website wherever you choose, and another code snippet which is added to the part of your checkout system which sends the order email.

  • What to do next

    Use the registration form in the panel below to begin gathering customer reviews and ratings.

    Once registered the code snippets you will need to insert into your website pages will be generated.

    We can even help get your reviews off to a great start by using orders placed before you registered (please contact us about this).

    You will be able to change your business profile details anytime you wish by logging in.

    You will also be able to add supplementary comments to any reviews made about you, only one review per order is accepted, you can post a single reply comment to each review.

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